Property Menders Pro has the tools, patented remediation products for mold, septic systems and solid waste

We can finance your Property Remediation Goals and or your Residential or Commercial Septic tank and or Grease Trap Treatment plans.
As GGC Green Gold Consulting Technology Partners we tackle problems at its source
GGC uses Biology and Technology to treat Health Issues, solids and liquid wastes and Energy production.
Call US: 907-891-0094
Green Gold and its network of staff and strategic partners can provide a turn key solution from concept to operational delivery backed by qualified and experienced environmental engineers.
scientists recently discovered a strain of bacteria that can literally eat the plastic used to make bottles, and we are now improving its performance to make it work faster.
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Property Menders Pro.  Green Design & Development :

Going green is not just for the wealthy.  Millions of homes are predicted to be built by 2020, and most of them will be in emerging markets. With such a high demand for low- and middle-income housing, responsible development will become ever more essential to reduce energy consumption. But smart developers realize that a smaller carbon footprint also translates to greater marketability — and profitability.

PMP Professionals -Marketing and Sales:

Marketing, sales and leasing for our portfolio is managed directly by our marketing and sales team from inception to completion.   Strategically, relying on a keen awareness of industry analytics and trends is our key to maximizing market share and optimizing absorption.  At the pre development phase, our marketing team works in concert with the architects and designer to craft the property in alignment with current demands.

PMP’s investment and development, construction and marketing and sales teams remain fully-integrated throughout the entire lifecycle of a project to ensure efficiency and synchrony.

Next Steps... (PMP)

Let us began to design and build your next investment.   Providing the highest standards of quality.

Your investment, protected: PMP Property Management:

  • PMP  provides a chlorine dioxide based cleaning service for homes, commercial spaces and institutions that is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, INEXPENSIVE and DECONTAMINATES.
  • PMP can meet any emergency, natural disaster, or tenant remediation with confidence and expertise. Our specialized trained professionals will meet any emergency, natural disaster, or tenant restoration with confidence and expertise.